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Did you know you can transfer your Debt Review file to the Debt Counsellor of your choice at any given time.

Is your current Debt Counsellor competent?
Are you receiving the service you deserve?
Do you get monthly statements?
Do you have a court order in place?
Will your debt be paid off in 5 years?
Does your restructured and reduced payment plan make sense?
If your answer is no to any of these questions, your Debt Counsellor is not putting you first. Please contact us immediately if you are unhappy with the status quo of your debt review. We will happily take over your file, review your case and give you the service you deserve!
How Debt Review Transfer Works?

– STEP 1

Consumer completes the transfer application form.

– STEP 2

Blue Star Consultants will request the transfer via the NCR Debt help system.

– STEP 3

Your current Debt Counsellor must authorise the request within 7 days. The immediate transfer can be delayed if you owe any fees.

– STEP 4

Blue Star Consultants will obtain all documentation from your current debt counsellor and proceed with the review process.

– STEP 5

If no court order is in place, and you have already paid legal fees towards obtaining the same, your previous debt counsellor must refund the legal fees.

– STEP 6

Blue Star Consultants will proceed in obtaining the court order after receipt of the fees.

– STEP 7

If a court order is in place, Blue Star Consultants will still review your case and confirm if the repayment plan will solve and if any alternatives exist.

Get the service you deserve. Transfer your file to Blue Star Consultants.

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